Mira Furlan on Lost

I totally enjoy ABC’s new show “Lost”.

Well, imagine my surprise yesterday when I tuned in and saw Mira Furlan on the show. For those in the know, Mira was an integral part of the best Science Fiction series of all time, Babylon 5. In that series, we all witnessed the wonderful talent of this classically trained actress. Since that time, I have been wondering when we’d see her again.

Well, no more waiting. She has surfaced. And what a wonderful job she did yesterday. I hope she remains a recurring character.

Please vote!

I have already VOTED today and I urge everyone who reads this to go out and do the same. It does not matter who you support, but it does matter that you exercise this fundamental right (and responsibility) to vote. If you want things to be a certain way, only you with your vote can make that happen.

Please vote!

It matters!

Space, the Final Frontier

I can not believe, no one in this group has posted anything about one of the most important stories today.

No, I am not talking about the elections, or the debates, or the war(s), or the terrorism, or…

I am talking about the X-Prize and Spaceship One . The first flight, in the attempt at two successful flights into space (generally 62 miles up) was completed successfully, yesterday and now, only the second leg remains.

Mark your calendars. Return flight scheduled for October 3rd.

I am excited, are you? Space will finally be opened for the rest of us.

“This land doesn’t know a real hero. Yet.”

Have you seen this movie yet?

You haven’t? Why not? This is one of the most beautiful movies to look at in a long time. Read Roger Ebert’s review if you don’t believe me. Some of the effects are spectacular, and some of them are even accomplished through color filters on the lense (an old movie and photo trick that my brother – who is an accomplished photographer – taught me). I really don’t want to describe it beyond that much, because it deserves a viewing in (on?) a large theater screen.

A New Noah’s Ark

Since I am in such a posting mood, I had to share this:

Scientists in Britain are supporting (pushing? putting forth?) the idea of creating “A Noah’s Ark” on the moon, in case humanity gets done in by an asteroid, or worse (horror of horrors, by ourselves!) You know, that bad day (which according to the Maya is the end of this current period of humankind) is approaching rapidly, we better leave something behind as a species. This is sort of what the wonderful author, Donald Moffitt had in mind in his “Genesis Quest” Series. Of course, in those books, humans put their legacy in a Radio signal which they then broadcast to the entire universe before the end came.

UFOs Above us?

Have any of you seen these things? I thought I did one night, but then again, I might have been hallucinating, driving back from working late at Dell’s Business Technical Support Operations Call Center. Since I no longer work such hours, I don’t get to drive dark, deserted highways and byways. Therefore, I don’t hallucinate very much anymore.

Of course, a top secret government project/plane/unmanned drone could be the explanation for this phenomenon. Remember Aurora ?

This whole subject has serious Science Fiction connections. Are we being prepared for a first contact situation that is imminent? This book,
so much as predicted this a few years ago. (…and yes, I have not yet finished the Galactic Milieu Trilogy which this book – and a book 2 – are precursors to).

Another explanation of course is the one offered by Stargate SG-1. You know, we’re seeing these things because the US government is already out there, and we have been visited and/or attacked a number of times…! (Humorous thought). The reason I am plugging this series is because it is such a frigging good TV series. It has an arc (like Babylon 5) and it believes in character development (since not much else that the Sci-Fi channel shows nowadays has ANY character development).

So, if you do see any of the flying triangles,
take a snapshot with your new, cool, camera equipped, cellular (or should I say mobile, since cellular is like so 80s?) phone.