Star Wars Mania

With the release of Episode III just a few weeks away, Star Wars mania is in full swing.

LEGO Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite

Star Wars Tatoo Gallery

Star Wars fanatics wait in wrong line

And my most recent favorite: The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster. This is hilarious stuff — imagine if Darth Vader kept a blog… Read it now!

Update 4/29: Full-sized X-Wing Fighter for sale on eBay

Update 5/3: Star Wars themed PC cases (choose Light Side or Dark Side)

Look! Up in the sky!

It may be a piece of crap!

I like Bryan Singer. I loved both X-Men movies. I love “House”. I love THE USUAL SUSPECTS. I believe in Bryan Singer. When he says that he wants to make a Superman movie that picks up after SUPERMAN II, I breathe a sigh of relief. When I see pictures of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent, I’m thrilled.

Then comes this first publicity still of Routh as Superman. I just don’t know. Yes, it’s just a picture, but compare it to the first picture of Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man (Holy cow! I can’t find that picture to link to it. But it kicked @$$).

And, for heaven’s sake, Routh has brown eyes! They’re supposed to be blue. Unforgivable! 😉

On a more serious note about the movie, Singer says SUPERMAN RETURNS is the story of Superman returning after taking about six years off, following the events of SUPERMAN II. I have two big problems with this.

One, it’s a never-ending battle. Six years is a REALLY long time.

Secondly, the last thing Superman says to the President in that movie, to the best of my memory, is, “I’m sorry I let you down. It won’t happen again.” So, of course, he takes six $#^$@@ years off???!!!!

I understand people’s concerns about HHG, but this seems to have the potential to be much, much farther off target.

Lots of New Hitchhiker Programs

First, don’t forget that The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy feature film opens on April 29!

The new BBC Radio Hitchhiker’s production, The Quandary Phase begins on May 3. The Tertiary Phase broadcasts appeared on the BBC website after their Thursday rebroadcasts, and hopefully the new series will be available online as well.

The Quintessential Phase will begin airing on May 31.

Straczynski Memorabilia Auction

As Official Keeper (no B5 pun intended) of all news related to JMS and Babylon 5, I thought I’d make sure you heard that Joe Straczynski is auctioning a large portion of his personal memorabilia collection on eBay. These are items from the shows he has worked on. Most will be from Babylon 5, but there will be stuff stretching back to his He-Man days. The items will be appearing occasionally under eBay user ID babylon5auctions over the next several weeks.

Don’t bid against me! :-)