Rubik Cubik

This is a cool flash of Rubik’s Cube. My favorite part is that the voices of the astronauts at the bottom are stereophonically aligned with their position (left-to-right).

I take that back. My favorite part is the dance and mayhem that ensues when you click on the “brain” popup thought bubble. Do it!

How to break an Exchange server in one easy step

I had a number of link of the day candidates provided to me yesterday, plus while you’re waiting around for hours for tapes to arrive so you can fix a broken Exchange server, you’ve got time to find some fun sites as well. So, let’s go, shall we?

Don sent me this yesterday. Have fun, annoy your colleagues!

Greg sent me two on Monday. First, there’s yet another example of “people will buy anything”. And then we have an example of “people will say anything to get out of a speeding ticket”.

And here’s what I found last night. Possibly the worst beer ever. (Believe it or not, I found it on a baseball weblog…)