Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest

Shiver me timbers! Greg be moving a new WebTrends server from the lab to the raised floor this morning. Make sure you chain it tight, me bucko, or I’ll keelhaul ya!

Ah me laddies, the haul of backups was excellent last night!

Splice the mainbrace! Haul the mizzenmast! Pull hard, ye scurvy dogs, or I’ll make ya walk the plank!

Aargh! This link be especially for Greg.

You think that I talk funny? Here’s why!

Thanks to Black Dougal for the tip. Aargh! This be hard to do.

Since there’s nothing “propietary” in this report, I gave you the whole thing today…

Six hundred down, who knows how many to go

Believe it or not, this is the six hundredth report I’ve written here. We’re up to 643 all together. That’s a lot of morning reports, especially since (as you all know) we weren’t supposed to even get to 100.

The first morning report (and we even called it that back then) was on January 18, 2000, just after we started this contract. The first one only went to the LAN Operations team, so only Don and I have received every one of them. A number of people (none of whom are still here – Barton, Jami, Edgeworth, Drew, Williams) were added the next day. By early February, there was actually a distribution list for the report, making it obvious that it was going to last a lot longer than a month or two.

Of course, by February I had also started using almost anything besides “Morning Report” for the title as well.

If you’ve been reading these for quite a while, you’ve gotten to know me pretty well. After all, I’m not exactly known for being shy and retiring with my views. Fortunately, I’ve had management that appreciates that about me, or I would be working somewhere else by now…

I started sending links in the morning report fairly early on as well. The first one was to the Hampster Dance. It wasn’t until late September that they became a regular feature. I’ve made up for lost time by now though, as I’m pretty sure the LotD archive has more than 600 links by now. (And if it doesn’t, that’s just because of dead links…)

You’ve also gotten to know my interests from what I’ve sent as the Link of the Day. One of the more common themes is Space. So, here’s yet another spacey link.

Another common theme would be Sports. Don doesn’t usually enjoy these as much as some of the other readers, but that’s his problem. I don’t complain when he sends out links about case mods and overclocking. He might actually enjoy this one, though.

And of course, there’s always the Useful Tool link. Here’s a free PDF writer. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I certainly intend to.

Then, there’s the Interesting Article. They might be computer related, or perhaps have something to do with concepts like Intellectual Property or copyright.

And we mustn’t forget the Truly Bizarre. There have been a number of those over the years, but I’d have to say that this is one of the most bizarre web sites I’ve ever seen.

It’s the beginning of the DVD holiday season

Today’s new DVD releases that I’ll be purchasing are Monsters, Inc. and The Young Ones Collection. Hopefully, it will be the complete episodes, as broadcast on MTV back in the 80s. The VHS collections had a number of songs cut due to rights issues.

Today, we’ll be cleaning out some old links. I keep saving them, and some of them are getting to be painfully old. For instance, this one’s almost a year old. That doesn’t mean that it’s useless, but if I wait another year, it might be.

And here’s another link from the same magazine. I’ve had it for over six months. If I wait a while longer, they might do a report of Windows 2000 at 3 Years. Remember when everyone was all worked up because .NET Server was going to come out so soon after Windows 2000? I don’t think that’s such a problem after all.

And one more article for you. It was a bit bigger deal when I first saved it (I think a number of patches have been released since then), but it’s still a good read about how complicated security can get in a large environment.

Thank goodness for spell check. I really can’t spell or type that well…

Lessons learned by Mr. Argo over the weekend that we should all

The title refers to a particularly messy move of an Exchange server to new hardware…

Almost everyone picked the Pittsburgh Steelers to go to the Super Bowl this year. Based on the first two games of the season, I’m not sure it’s going to happen. Part of the problem with a season as short as the NFL’s is that you can be out of the race before it’s really started. The good news for the Steelers is that they have two weeks before their next game, and they need it after the Raiders broke most of their offensive records last night – against what was the NFL’s best defense last season. And the Steelers play in one of the weakest divisions in football, so they have a reasonable chance to run the table there.

I never did use that link that Denk sent me on Thursday morning. Here it is. I have to say that it’s just wrong. Very funny, but wrong.

From the mists of the past. I’m impressed that they could actually restore backups that were that old.

This is the theme song to Jimmy Neutron

Ever think that there needed to be an IT Olympics? Neither have I, but someone else apparently did. Make sure you check out some of the menu items; you’ll be glad you did…

And I would have to say that I think this is one of the best inventions ever. I’m ready to go take a vacation in Canada.

Greg sends us good news for anyone who wanted to visit Greece.

Denk just sent me a link too; I think I’ll save it for tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to spoil you.